A Second Honeymoon in Europe!

Choosing Salt Route to curate our lovely euro-trip was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! We were taking a trip after 2 long years and just couldn’t zero in on the perfect place to come out of vacation hibernation! Unnati gave us a couple of splendid options and even helped us decide which countries would be best suited for us based on our tastes, weather conditions and budgets. After much deliberation, Paris-Bruges-Amsterdam was finalized and it was perfect!

Salt Route makes sure to really understand your palate before they dish out the perfect choices. From hotels options, day trip options, restaurant recommendations and sight-seeing options, everything is tailor-made to your tastes. All our hotels were perfectly located and were wonderful! Unfortunately due to a technical glitch and torrential rains, we weren’t able to get the coveted bag tags and booklet in time for our trip but Unnati made sure that we had access to a very comprehensive online map with the entire list of attractions and recommendations in each of the cities, which proved quite useful!

Our Salt Route trip had all the nitty gritties handled so we were tension free to roam and really explore. While on the trip, we weren’t bound by daily timelines or schedules and with the arsenal of recommendations and options we could easily change course at any point to suit our moods. Unnati was also in touch with us throughout the trip and was available for any queries or questions we had. She constantly made sure we were alright and that everything was on track. Thank you for introducing us to Bruges, Unnati! And like you said, we surely fell in love with the place!!

I would definitely recommend Salt Route for your next trip.

Sshruti Barrve