Italy—From to-do to well-done!

Bucket list or no bucket list, Italy is a no-brainer. I can safely say, one of the only reasons I checked that box was Unnati. I merely mentioned to her in passing that we had been dreaming of Italy for a long time. A short questionnaire later, an itinerary lands in my inbox—Excel sheet with dates modes of transport and what not. A dish served in typical Unna style—sharp and organised. Now that’s service!

Unna found us sweet deals on hotels and tickets, that too in peak season.

Her day-by-day, place-by-place lists were often our lifelines through the holiday for the man and I who aren’t the most organised or decisive people. She kept in touch with me through the trip. Checking in, seeing that we weren’t tripping ourselves up. I mean, to hear that wild laugh at the other end of the line was a sweet relief when we ran into some ticketing issues.

In her trademark doggedly determined way, Unna even got us a full refund from the airline when we missed our flight! Support is one thing, but what I really appreciated was the love and genuine interest with which Unna offered it. She was invested in us having the best time we could. That meant a lot, Unna... Grazie!

Gloriously upbeat, never patronising, always laughing (sometimes at, mostly with you), this girl made what might have well remained a must-do, a done and well-done too! Salt Route Journeys is the only way we’re travelling from here on in.
— Chetana Kowshik

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