Do’s And Don’ts—Monasteries


  1. The monks are happy to share their food with you so if they offer you a cup of chai and snacks, feel free to eat with them without offending them.
  2. Most monks are very friendly and will be happy to pose for pictures with you.
  3. If they are coming out of a prayer and offer you the “prasad”, please accept it as a mark of respect and blessings.
  4. Most monasteries run on donations if you feel like donating some money ask the head monk how you can do so. Do not offer them money individually as they may find it offensive.
  5. The monks are very well versed with technology. The little lamas like any small boys love playing video games 


  1. Do not take photographs in the old prayer rooms.
  2. Do not eat or take meat into a monastery.
  3. Do not wear revealing clothes or shoes in the monastery as a sign of respect to the monks.
  4. Also, the lama clothing should not be worn by non – lamas as it’s a sign of disrespect to the monks, it’s not a fashion statement.
  5. Do not talk loudly, smoke or drink in the premises of the monasteries.