The ReefWatch Crew

I’ve known Nayantara for over a decade and yet, this is the first time I’ve seen her work life up close, in her space. And I think I’m more impressed than ever with what she does and the people who help her make this happen.

ReefWatch India is something she revived. An NGO that deals in Marine Conservation, they believe that our vast coastline needs some caring and have been working towards this goal relentlessly since their revival.



The world over, the reefs and our oceans are in danger and yet we aren’t doing enough. These guys sitting at the bottom most tip of our country, work to make this happen.

They are working on a couple of fabulous projects, like coral regeneration, bringing about awareness about marine conservation and recycling. They even take the local kids around the town for nature walks, teaching about their own environment and take them for dives to show them the beauty of where they live!


Here’s a link to their crowd funding program for coral regeneration:

You can volunteer with these guys and combine it with learning Diving with Lacadives. If you have kids, send them over, let them learn the importance of saving our oceans and let them experience the beauty of being cut off, disconnected and learning to sit with their silence. It’s important to get rid of the clutter and see the world for what it has to offer, so take some time off and along with some diving, help out at the ReefWatch Marine Conservation Centre at Chidiya Tapu.