Our Picks For The Top 5 Beaches In Indonesia

Wondering where to go in Indonesia for your vacation dose of sun, sand and turquoise blues??? We recommend these 5 gorgeous beaches. Tan – swim – dig a ditch – build a castle…. the beach is all yours.

1. Derawan beach, East Kalimantan 


These silvery white beaches will take your breath away. The surroundings are less touristy and the few who visit adjust to the basic accommodation available here. Most visitors will be able to spot turtles wading about on the island’s spotless silvery beaches. The waters surrounding Derawan are known to be a home to manta rays and green turtles.

2. The Gili islands, off Lombok


The banana pancake trail. A set of three islands off the island of Lombok is known for its shallow beaches and its chilled out vibe. The tourists often doubt the islands and therefore the crowds are not really hectic here. The locals are warm and often offer hammocks to tourists for no cost at all.

3. Pink beach, Komodo island


Pantai merah or pink beach is one of the seven pink beaches of the world, making it truly breathtaking. The beach gets its colour from small microscopic animals called foraminifera which produce a red pigment on the coral reefs. In the local language its called the red beach. These tiny red fragments mix with the white sand to give the illusion of a pink beach.

4. Karimunjawa island, Central Java


Karimunjawa is a quiet place with many small islands that are known for its finest silky white beaches. Its quite a journey to reach these white beaches, But the long journey is definitely worth it. Karimunjawa has the most beautiful beaches surrounded by a deep blue and green-turquoise ocean.

5. Kukup beach near Yogyakarta



Kukup is a white sandy beach with a path that cut through hills that connect it to the beach Baron. On this beach there is a coral island is also connected by bridges senggol. From the top of this island we can see a fairly broad view of the coast and very beautiful with large waves.