Music To My Ears—Copenhagen

While everyone knows that the best time to visit Scandinavia is the summer, only a few people know that Copenhagen has an old connection with Jazz musicians. Copenhagen is home to a lot of jazz artist –  Dexter Gordon, Stan Getz, Ben Webster, Stuff Smith, Ed Thigpen, Thad Jones and Kenny Drew.

The Copenhagen Jazz festival happens every year in the first two weeks of July, welcoming the summer. As the golden sun spreads tangible warmth throughout the cold city, one cannot stop but do a little jiggy while they walk through the Danish city. Every corner has music flowing down and the wind carries the notes into the hearts of lovers and kids alike.

The Jazzists from New Orleans are seen gracing the streets and playing music for free as well as putting up acts in pubs and music schools around Copenhagen, for whoever may be interested to hear them play. The vibe is jovial and one really appreciates the onset of summer. I guess, you must live in such cold conditions to truly appreciate the warmth and open-heartedness this festival brings in.

Start your evening at The Moose, walk on to Charlie Scott’s and end a night to remember at HongKong!! Only to wake up with a wonderful tale to tell and maybe a hangover. A night well spent. During the day enjoy all that the streets have to offer, listen to a fancy Jazz player serenade you by the fountain or the castle gates. This time of the year is truly the best time to be in Copenhagen.