The Stirrings Of Portugal

When you think of Europe, Italy and Spain are the first places that come to your mind. Nestled at the edge of the continent is the small country of Portugal. The romantic alleys and the colourful buildings, with the stirrings of stories and many musicals, this country has a lot to offer. 



There is a lyrical silence to the streets and an air of mystery. When one walks through the streets, one feels like the country is just waking up and is just at the bend of tourism. Prince dedicated the song “Walk in Sand” to this country. This is a Portuguese-inspired ballad, the sea, the soul and the Lusitanian fate, whose chorus goes like this: “nothing better than to walk in sand, hand in hand with you”.


Watch the sunset into the Atlantic or roam the little streets of Cascais. Be transported back into the history of the country with the tram rides in Lisboa. Let your fairytale come alive in Sintra as you walk through the romantic architecture of the Pena Palace. Find the Mosaic patterns under your feet as you walk the cities. You will see the similarities with Rio De Janeiro. It speaks volumes of their shared history.. Every now and then, one is reminded of the countries colonisers and their influence thats left behind. 


In June, residents from both Lisboa – Santo António festivities – and Porto – São João festivities – flock to the most traditional neighbourhoods for the festivities in honour of the local saints. You don’t need to be religious though. But expect popular music, lots of dancing and party until dawn!

A tip for the surfers, find the best waves of Europe on the fantastic beaches of Portugal.


This country has a little bit for everyone, the wine, the custard tarts and some beautiful stories from the past. If these are not reasons enough to travel there then you are not a true traveller my friend.