Honeymoon in Style at Half the Price

A lot of effort goes into planning the perfect honeymoon, but it’s not always necessary to burn a hole in your pocket in order to enjoy new love. We’ve put together budget friendly exotic countries, which will leave you swooning for more without hurting your pockets!

INDONESIA: When travelling, very few countries have the diversity that Indonesia has. A huge group of islands across the Ring of Fire, each islands has something beautiful to offer! From the lush paddy fields in Ubud, to active volcanoes in East Java or the blue waters of Gili and Komodo. For the ones who want to combine the romantic beauty of Bali with exploring the wild, Indonesia is the perfect mix. With tourism just catching up, this country is a mix of exotic hotels and cheap travel. Perfect for the exotic honeymoon that one would want!


VIETNAM: For a country with a long history of war, this place has a lot to offer. A cool mix between the old and the trendy new, this place is something of a wonder. From the Jewels of sailing across the Ha Long Bay to the tunnels under Ho Chi Minh City, there is a bit of culture in everything you see. Bar hopping in Hanoi or sunbathing in Nha Trang, enjoy the natural wonders of the world without the worry of overspending. Vietnam is a must on the bucket list!


GREECE: An old favourite, Greece is always a worthy option. While the usual suspects include Mykonos and Santorini, there are many more islands which are as beautiful as these two. For young couples, watching the sunset over the white and blue is the perfect way to start their life together.



SOUTH AFRICA: This rainbow nation has something for everyone, from the untamed wild to the sexy beaches along the extensive coast. The sundowners in the wine country or the view from Table Mountain. This place leaves you with option plentiful, without killing the budget. The Kruger National park is an added bonus!



SRI LANKA: This tiny island country is usually overlooked by most. What people don’t realise is that for half the price, one can experience the lush tea gardens and road trip along the extensive coastline, stopping at multiple soft sand beaches. If your partner is into surfing then this place is an added bonus in this part of the world. Now, with a lot of luxury resort options, enjoy the sea and stay like a king!