In Vienna—"To Every Age Its Art, To Every Art Its Freedom"

“To every age its art, to every art its freedom”

This is the motto carved at the entrance of the Ver Sacrum – the iconic building that stands for the Secession movement. Vienna, was the confluence of art and culture. There was a feeling of art being stifled and being recycled. The secession movement was the birth of modern art, it stood out for free thinking and modern forms of expression. Modern-thinking artists in Kunstlerhaus began to meet regularly at either the Café Zum Blauen Freihaus or in the Café Sperl in order to exchange ideas and discuss the work of new artists like Meissonnier and Puvis de Chavannes in France. Eventually these meetings would result in the forming of two informal art societies.


This is the bowl from which Vienna has risen, the home of modern art and the cauldron for music, Vienna holds a delightful place in the heart of art and music connoisseurs alike. Famous writers, artists and musicians alike have left their mark here. When walking through the city streets one feels as if one has stepped back into time and yet in standing right here, in the present.


Apart from the historical District 1, the city is known for its nightlife and amazing clubs. You can dance the night away or go pub hopping to find a small jazz club around the corner. While the art scene is hot and the music scene is rich, the food in this city is also a confluence of the east and west of Europe. Find some labaneh with bread or some wine with wiener schnitzel. There are plenty of other meaty delights: roasted pig’s lung with gorgonzola, anyone? Or try the Bauernschmaus, or farmer’s feast, a barnstorming collection of pork, sauerkraut and other things.


With music to feed the heart, art to feed the soul and spectacular food to tease your tongue, Vienna is your perfect getaway to relax, explore and rejuvenate.