Video / Follow the wind in Leh!

The constant hum of the wind flapping in your ears, the soft incantations of the passing monks and the laughter of gleeful children returning from school. These are the sounds I associate with Leh!

Leh is not only meant to be seen but it makes you feel! It moves you. The harsh reality with the softness of it's culture. The humbling silence against the roaring winds. It reflects upon the fragile fabric of human beings, things we forget when we live in the city. 

When city life is moving too fast, stop. Book that flight and go. Follow the wind and meet yourself on the other side. 

A journey to Leh is not like other travels, it will change you in ways you never thought possible. It will make you realise how small you are in the bigger scheme of things and that mortality is a real thing. 

Love what you must, while you can.