Budget Trips

Whatever your budget, an adventure is always possible. Browse through some journeys we designed on shoestring budgets—not that you'd know it!

Four Girls and a Sheesha place - Jordan

The most thoughtfully planned out trips ever - with salt route you know you will have a unique tailor-made experience full of quirky little surprises... we went to Jordan and the trip couldn’t have been better organized or more beautiful. Can’t wait for our next holiday.

- Nayantara Jain

Italy—From to-do to well-done!

Bucket list or no bucket list, Italy is a no-brainer. I can safely say, one of the only reasons I checked that box was Unnati. I merely mentioned to her in passing that we had been dreaming of Italy for a long time. A short questionnaire later, an itinerary lands in my inbox—Excel sheet with dates modes of transport and what not. A dish served in typical Unna style—sharp and organised. Now that’s service!

Unna found us sweet deals on hotels and tickets, that too in peak season.

Her day-by-day, place-by-place lists were often our lifelines through the holiday for the man and I who aren’t the most organised or decisive people. She kept in touch with me through the trip. Checking in, seeing that we weren’t tripping ourselves up. I mean, to hear that wild laugh at the other end of the line was a sweet relief when we ran into some ticketing issues.

In her trademark doggedly determined way, Unna even got us a full refund from the airline when we missed our flight! Support is one thing, but what I really appreciated was the love and genuine interest with which Unna offered it. She was invested in us having the best time we could. That meant a lot, Unna... Grazie!

Gloriously upbeat, never patronising, always laughing (sometimes at, mostly with you), this girl made what might have well remained a must-do, a done and well-done too! Salt Route Journeys is the only way we’re travelling from here on in.
— Chetana Kowshik

When in Greece...

Greece was a dream trip, and it got planned like a dream as well! In Crete, we were hosted by a charming Greek lady. She had so many stories about the country and its people. Ask Salt Route to help with living with a Greek family, you won’t regret it.
— Vivek Sheth

A hesitant traveller visits Vietnam

The open road and the unknown was always a distant dream and it wouldn’t have happened without the help of Salt Route Journeys. They suggested a small step into the unknown— Vietnam. Just close enough to feel safe and far enough to feel like a journey. They organised the trip for me (not too planned of course. Enough for me to do some exploring myself) found me flights, hostels (yes, hostels!) trains, planes and other related automobiles to get me from Saigon to Hanoi. And what an adventure it was. Somehow, despite of all the planning, they managed to give me an intensely personal and overwhelming experience. A feeling that I did this all on my own. I will never forget this journey. Thank you Salt Route!
— Vishnu Shyamprasad

Vietnam, here we come!

If you want to travel like a local, travel with The Salt Route. After meeting Unnati, all we had to do was pick from the options she gave us, and we were off! Detailed recommendations and seamless transport arrangements made sure our only job was to enjoy. Thank you Unna!
— Sunil Bulchandani