Perhaps our favourite place to plan trips. Europe can be anything you want it to be—slow and lazy, charming and romantic, full of sights, and everything in between. Here are some of our clients' journeys. We hope they inspire your own!

40 Days 3 Countries

What a trip! Ours was a 40 days trip, in which we did Spain, Portugal and Netherlands, and picking salt route journey to plan the whole thing was the best call we made! They took care of everything, helping with the countries to visit, cities to visit, site to see, must do’s, bookings, hotels, changes in bookings, just about everything. We had such an amazing time ! Thank you So much, Unnati for being so helpful through out the trip! Had an amazing time on the trip as well as while planning it! Can’t wait for the next adventure already 😍😍

- Aayushi Vaidya

A Second Honeymoon in Europe!

Choosing Salt Route to curate our lovely euro-trip was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! We were taking a trip after 2 long years and just couldn’t zero in on the perfect place to come out of vacation hibernation! Unnati gave us a couple of splendid options and even helped us decide which countries would be best suited for us based on our tastes, weather conditions and budgets. After much deliberation, Paris-Bruges-Amsterdam was finalized and it was perfect!

Salt Route makes sure to really understand your palate before they dish out the perfect choices. From hotels options, day trip options, restaurant recommendations and sight-seeing options, everything is tailor-made to your tastes. All our hotels were perfectly located and were wonderful! Unfortunately due to a technical glitch and torrential rains, we weren’t able to get the coveted bag tags and booklet in time for our trip but Unnati made sure that we had access to a very comprehensive online map with the entire list of attractions and recommendations in each of the cities, which proved quite useful!

Our Salt Route trip had all the nitty gritties handled so we were tension free to roam and really explore. While on the trip, we weren’t bound by daily timelines or schedules and with the arsenal of recommendations and options we could easily change course at any point to suit our moods. Unnati was also in touch with us throughout the trip and was available for any queries or questions we had. She constantly made sure we were alright and that everything was on track. Thank you for introducing us to Bruges, Unnati! And like you said, we surely fell in love with the place!!

I would definitely recommend Salt Route for your next trip.

Sshruti Barrve

Island Hoppin' Honeymoon :)

To plan a journey with Salt Route, is to be rest assured that you’re going to be taken care of. Right from the start, my husband and I, were in their capable hands and were guided in a way which allowed us to make the most of our time in Italy. We wanted to avoid the more touristy places and things, and Salt Route was able to customise our journey exactly how we wanted! From crunched timelines, to last minute bookings, with every curve ball we threw at them, they knocked it out of the park!
Let Salt Route make your journey even more exciting and wonderful! I know Harsha Raju and I, can’t wait for our next adventure to begin with them!
Special shout out to Unnati Agarwal for literally always being there through our journey!

- Shubham Shreya

A family that cruises together...

A mad dash around Croatia!

Croatia was the last thing on our minds. Till a couple of tickets to the Sonus Festival popped up. Of course, our go-to is Salt Route for all things travel and otherwise :) Unna went the extra mile to lock in some great places at more than respectable rates.

The routes are lovely and the drives, totally worth it! No complaints on any of the boarding, either. The food and wine reccos too. All of it, upto Salt Route standards :)

Croatia seems to be the kind of place where it’s best to go in as planned as possible—especially transport-wise. Unnati did really try to persuade us to hire the private yacht to island hop and we should have listened. The time we spent doing Hvar and Brac could’ve halved.

Special shout out to Salt Route Journeys for the docket, tags and Google Map sharing. Quite a god send, the maps! Saved our sorry asses quite a bit :)
— Chetna

"Can we go to Iceland with two kids?" "Of course!"

Salt Route Journeys curated our family holiday (with 2 kids) to Iceland this summer. The planning was perfect. The accomodation, dining recommendations etc were excellent! Salt Route did a great job of understanding what we wanted from our holiday. They also did a lot of research to curate our trip. The best part was that they added a map of Iceland with pre-loaded points of interest onto our phones. If you want the most out of your holiday, I would highly recommend Salt Route!
— Gaurav Choudhary

Italy—From to-do to well-done!

Bucket list or no bucket list, Italy is a no-brainer. I can safely say, one of the only reasons I checked that box was Unnati. I merely mentioned to her in passing that we had been dreaming of Italy for a long time. A short questionnaire later, an itinerary lands in my inbox—Excel sheet with dates modes of transport and what not. A dish served in typical Unna style—sharp and organised. Now that’s service!

Unna found us sweet deals on hotels and tickets, that too in peak season.

Her day-by-day, place-by-place lists were often our lifelines through the holiday for the man and I who aren’t the most organised or decisive people. She kept in touch with me through the trip. Checking in, seeing that we weren’t tripping ourselves up. I mean, to hear that wild laugh at the other end of the line was a sweet relief when we ran into some ticketing issues.

In her trademark doggedly determined way, Unna even got us a full refund from the airline when we missed our flight! Support is one thing, but what I really appreciated was the love and genuine interest with which Unna offered it. She was invested in us having the best time we could. That meant a lot, Unna... Grazie!

Gloriously upbeat, never patronising, always laughing (sometimes at, mostly with you), this girl made what might have well remained a must-do, a done and well-done too! Salt Route Journeys is the only way we’re travelling from here on in.
— Chetana Kowshik

A luxury honeymoon around Europe!

Salt Route Journeys drafted, planned and executed our honeymoon through Italy, Croatia, Greece and France. We couldn’t have been happier with our experience. From the first stages of planning cities, finding exclusive spots and adventures we loved, everything was a super smooth journey.

They were available to us at odd hours and random times, which made everything so much easier. They didn’t just help us with the flight and hotel reservations but made some unforgettable recommendations based exactly on our tastes.

My husband and I will never forget our 35 day honeymoon thanks to all the beautiful arrangements made by the team. Special thanks to Unnati for making this happen!!!
— Akansha & Prabhav

Ah, Italy...

Italy was amazing and I couldn’t have done it without Salt Route!! Right from the cities to see and places to stay, everything was perfectly planned and within my budget !! Thank you Unna ❤️❤️
— Kanwal Preet

London for the non-tourist

Salt Route Journeys is everything a non-touristy traveller needs to create memories for their personal travel diaries. To be able to suggest the most non-commercial places in the most commercial travel destinations is really an art. Their research is fantastic. We had the most awesome time in London eating at places suggested by Salt Route, we did suffer from food coma at the end of each day but it was all well worth it. On a final note, love the stationery, just absolutely love it!
— Nameeta

When in Greece...

Greece was a dream trip, and it got planned like a dream as well! In Crete, we were hosted by a charming Greek lady. She had so many stories about the country and its people. Ask Salt Route to help with living with a Greek family, you won’t regret it.
— Vivek Sheth