A mad dash around Croatia!

Croatia was the last thing on our minds. Till a couple of tickets to the Sonus Festival popped up. Of course, our go-to is Salt Route for all things travel and otherwise :) Unna went the extra mile to lock in some great places at more than respectable rates.

The routes are lovely and the drives, totally worth it! No complaints on any of the boarding, either. The food and wine reccos too. All of it, upto Salt Route standards :)

Croatia seems to be the kind of place where it’s best to go in as planned as possible—especially transport-wise. Unnati did really try to persuade us to hire the private yacht to island hop and we should have listened. The time we spent doing Hvar and Brac could’ve halved.

Special shout out to Salt Route Journeys for the docket, tags and Google Map sharing. Quite a god send, the maps! Saved our sorry asses quite a bit :)
— Chetna

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